Chic Affairs & Events is a luxury wedding & event planning company based in Houston, TX, specializing in the planning, management, coordination, design, and flawless execution of multicultural weddings and events.

Our mission is to transform each event into a sophisticated and uniquely tailored reflection of our clients' vision. We are committed to relieving the stress and ensuring a seamlessly orchestrated event for our clients. We take pride in offering a diverse range of services that cater to clients from all cultural backgrounds. We wholeheartedly celebrate all expressions of love and inclusivity.

Chic Affairs was one of my best vendors. Their sense of professionalism and consistency from the beginning was unmatched. Not only did they help execute my wedding day easily, they were great advisors overall, my family enjoyed working with them, and they helped handle fire-drills on the day of so effortlessly. Couldn't have done it without them!

Hena R.

Working with Uma and her team was an amazing experience! The communication, efficiency and punctuality of Chic Affairs helped my sister’s wedding run so smoothly. They were on top of everything from restocking sodas/ice to making sure my sister and brother-in-law were fed and hydrated throughout the whole wedding week. Multiple meetings were held to go over a detailed itinerary and secondary plans were made as well in case things didn’t go as planned. Uma and her team took amazing care of the family as well! Weddings are very stressful and we all tend to forget small details, however Uma made sure that never happened. I highly recommend Chic Affairs and Events! My sister’s wedding wouldn’t have been possible without this team 🙂

Kiran J.

Hiring chic affairs was definitely the best decision we made when planning our event. Uma is one of the most detail oriented and professional people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She really brought my vision to life and was able to book all the vendors we wanted. Her service was fully customizable and she was able to creatively and efficiently solve and problems that came up along the way. She took away all the stress of event planning and made it one of our most enjoyable and memorable days ever. She really went above and beyond our expectations. Thank you so much to Uma and the Chic Affairs team!

Ameena A.

Chic Affairs is amazing, especially Uma and Reagan. I would have never known to sort out so many details prior to my wedding without them. Leading up to the wedding, I didn’t have to worry about anything and they made the events go much more seamless. They had safety pins for when I needed them, they communicated with all the vendors to make sure they were on time, they even had meds for my uncle when he was having a headache. Seriously cannot recommend having them enough, don’t think I would’ve had a successful wedding week without them!

Kiranjot B.

As a bride I found their services to be tremendously helpful and I'd recommend them to others. Chic Affairs doesn't just do Houston area events- so make sure you reach out. Well worth the price!!!
Uma and her team made sure that I had small details handled that I would have otherwise not remembered about or would have to rely on family and friends which isn't the most reliable option with so much going on on your big day. Thank you!!

Samah K.

I used chic affairs and events as my wedding planner. They were very on top of the timeline, and was good about sending out the timelines to the other vendors. Provided excellent communication with all vendors. Allowed me to be a relaxing carefree during the days, knowing that everything was handled.


I hired Chic Affairs and Events for my Sangeet in Houston. My Sangeet was so organized and ran very smoothly because of them! I really appreciate Uma and Reagan guiding me through it. Reagan is so sweet and kind and a hardworker. Everything was punctual and anytime I needed something it was right there. They were on top of everything. They addressed any issues that we were dealing with. I honestly don't think I could have pulled off my sangeet without them.

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